Working with small business owners, bloggers, writers, and editors to create fun, engaging content is one of the most rewarding and energizing things I do. Although I specialize in ghostwriting non-fiction books and book proposals, I’ve written everything from four-sentence artist statements to 200-page memoirs, and am nimble enough to edit text on virtually any topic.

Projects I love include (but are not limited to): 

Artist statements
Blog posts
Book proposals
Descriptive copy
Website content
Cover letters
Short video scripts
Online courses
Advice columns

Explore this page for more information about my services:

Want me to contribute a blog post, article, or quote? I have an opinion about virtually everything, but my areas of expertise include style, fashion, body image, self-help, writing, feminism, entrepreneurship, self-employment, marketing, social media, and leadership. That said, I love to learn and am a thorough and effective researcher, so I’d be tickled to tackle anything from biology to baking.


Although I’d love to say that I stopped hating my body altogether, that is still a daily struggle. Women are constantly told that they should be thinner, younger, prettier, sexier, and dozens of other beauty-related mandates that make us feel wretched about ourselves and convince us to shell out for mascara, diet pills, Botox, and push-up bras. But I stopped dieting. And I stopped constantly, exhaustively hating myself. And I realized that my brain-in-a-jar fantasy would’ve led to a hollow life because my body is strong and capable and as much a part of my unique identity as my intellect. To shun the physical in favor of the intellectual would create the same imbalance as focusing all my energy on my body and none on my mind.  READ MORE



Already Pretty 
Huffington Post 
GoDaddy Garage 
Minneapolis Star Tribune
Mad Mimi

I have ghostwritten entire books and single blog posts, short-and-sweet bios and complex workbooks. I love flexing the part of my brain that allows me to write in someone else’s voice, and welcome the challenge of crafting messages for a variety of projects. If you’re strapped for time, overwhelmed by a project’s scope, or in need of regular support from a quick, flexible, intuitive writer, I’m your gal. To hear from clients who’ve worked with me as a ghostwriter, read a few testimonials right here. 

I know from personal experience that crafting an effective proposal is an essential first step toward getting your book published. Having worked in the industry for both commercial and library-focused publishing companies, I know the process back to front. I’ve also published several of my own books, and written book proposals for many budding authors. I know which information to include and emphasize, which details to downplay, and just the right tone to strike to catch the attention of agents and acquiring editors. I’d love to help you craft a compelling proposal that will help get your book seen and sold!


I offer editing services for blog posts, books, proposals, articles, letters, speeches, web content, just about anything you might want fine-tuned. I have a keen eye for sentence structure, excellent instincts about rhythm and voice, and a knack for teasing the meaning out of slightly rambly text. I’d be delighted to help you polish and refine any writing project that could benefit from an expert editorial eye. To hear from clients who’ve worked with me as an editor, read a few testimonials right here.

I spent more than a decade working in marketing and communications, so I know how to craft persuasive, engaging copy. Whether you need your services described, your book summarized, or your product promoted, I can create copy that will captivate, intrigue, and encourage action.


Skincare is a religion. And those who worship at the altar of perfectly hydrated, dewy skin know that natural, plant-derived ingredients offer all the benefits of chemical-laden formulas minus the stripping, harshness, and irritation. Our new line has been formulated with this philosophy in mind, utilizing certified organic and natural origin ingredients to create gentle, luxurious, effective products.  

Our cleansers are clean-rinsing yet restorative, our serums brightening, and our toners balancing. If you’re ready to ditch the drug store duds and elevate your routine, this line will show you that natural skincare can renew, nourish, and transform.  


I’ve been active in and connected to the vibrant local arts scene here in the Twin Cities for more than a decade, so I’ve read artist statements that run the gamut from lofty to fascinating to incomprehensible. My goal is always to help the artist capture in words what she or he is communicating to viewers through paint, photography, or sculpture. Working with visual artists to express their motivations, passions, and goals thrills me, and the artists I’ve written for are always excited to see me produce expressive, concise prose that reflects the essence of their work.



Driven by color and the physicality of paint, S.J.’s bold, evocative works are at once sensual and intellectual. In the spirit of Romanticism, her images offer the viewer a lens through which to examine society’s obsessions with rationalism, economic materialism, and unchecked capitalism.   

Utilizing a wide variety of media including oil, acrylic, cement, plaster, denim, and graphite, she creates expansive canvases fueled by pure emotion, unchecked imagination, and primal rebellion. Her bold use of dynamic imagery and reference to the historical are balanced by her inviting, emotive execution.


A former art director and graphic designer for leading agencies in Manhattan, S.J. holds a Master of Fine Arts degree, exhibits nationally and internationally, and has been featured in many publications including Newsday and the New York Times.


Editing projects are generally billed at an hourly rate. Other projects can be negotiated for a single-project fee, or on an ongoing/retainer basis. 


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