After reviewing several chapters that I researched and ghostwrote, a Penguin Random House VP and Executive Editor told my client, “The material was terrific, and really needs almost no editing – you are absolutely on the right path.”

A book proposal client gave me the world’s best compliment, saying, “You’re like a decoder ring for my thoughts.”

She Writes Press evaluated a book I ghostwrote, and told my client, “As far as we’re concerned, your manuscript is ready to go. This only happens in about 7-8% of submissions, so congratulations!”


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“Sally is a wonderful researcher and ghostwriter. She is a joy to collaborate with, writes beautifully, and kills her darlings without a second thought. I’m not sure I want word to get out about how great she is because it will be harder for me to get on her project list… Alas, you should know that you’ll love working with her.


– Christina Wallace

Senior Lecturer of Entrepreneurial Management, Harvard Business School

“I loved working with Sally. After a few false starts on my own, I hired her to help me with my non-fiction book. Together, we moved at an impressive pace to create an engaging and useful book, one that I am so very proud of.


– Karen Catlin

Author, coach, and speaker

“Sally is a treasure — kind, thoughtful, and just the right amount of opinionated. I recommend her with the highest confidence.”


– Alexandra Franzen

Inspirational Writer and Author of 50 Ways to Say You’re Awesome

“I am here to tell you that Sally brings action to your dream of being an author. Many of us have the right ideas for our books but we need an experienced guide to make that dream a reality. Sally has the patience and skills to get you there. Before you let one more day slip by, reach out to Sally.”


– Brady Johns

Author and investor

“After trying for years to create the perfect verbiage for my website, I reached out to Sally for assistance. Her ability to connect with clients, understand where they are coming from, and to transform words on a page is second to none. I am absolutely thrilled with the outcome. I knew Sally was talented, but she easily exceeded my expectations and was able to masterfully capture my voice and tell my story in a way that engages the reader and leaves them wanting to know more! On top of all of this, Sally is kind and easy to work with. I highly recommend her for any of your writing needs!


– Kelly C. Weiley

Founder of CoAct Consulting 

“Sally knew how to give my brand a voice before I even knew what it sounded like. She quickly understood my energy, was prompt in delivering the product, and open-minded to any changes. I’m confident that Sally has put my company on a whole different level by teaching us how to communicate in print, social media, and most importantly, in person. Everyone would benefit from a Sally.


– Heather Corndorf

mXe Studio founder and wellness visionary

“Sally is an incredibly talented writer who gets it right the first time. She was able to take my partially formed ideas and turn them into beautiful copy that leaps off the page. She’s the secret weapon every business owner needs to communicate to their audience, and I feel extremely fortunate to have found such a talent.


– Lara White

Founder of Launch Raven Digital Marketing

“Sally is amazing! Her writing skills took our website to the next level. She completely understood what we wanted to achieve and she went beyond our expectations. We loved what she did so much, we’re going to have her write the content for our other website.


– Rosy & Shaun

Owners of Rosy & Shaun Wedding Photography

“I recommend Sally as as ghost writer and editor. She’s a creative genius. When I have writer’s block, she breaks through with insightful passages. So grateful I found her!”
– Barbara McNally
Author and founder of Mother, Lover, Fighter, Sage


“Sally wrote wonderfully engaging website copy for a last minute project I was sure couldn’t be done, coming in ahead of schedule and under budget.  Stop agonizing over your writing projects and call Sally! 


– Jessica V. Lindgren

Founder and Main Gal, Gal Friday 612

“With her distinctive voice, conversational style and strong work ethic, Sally is a valuable member of the GoDaddy Garage author family. She takes a unique approach to topics of interest to both our small business and blogger readers, writing with insight gained from her own experience. Sally also is reliable and flexible — just a few of the great qualities that make her an outstanding freelance partner.


– Andrea Rowland

Editor, GoDaddy Garage

“Sally is a dream to work with. She not only helped me develop a professional book proposal, but she helped me organize my book in the process! After working with Sally, I had a clear and focused view of my book that translated onto paper. Within three months of finishing my book proposal, I landed a publisher as well. Working with Sally was the best decision I made in getting serious with my writing.”
– Shantel Silbernagel

“It’s wonderful to work with Sally! As a paid contributor to my company’s blog, she always comes up with compelling topics, delivers her posts in a timely manner, and makes my job as editor a breeze.”


– Emma Wilhelm

Senior Product Marketing Manager at GoDaddy

Sally is a gem to work with — a true professional who understands what a publication needs, with the sense to clarify any questions she has. She’s non-defensive, listens well and also takes the lead in pitching ideas. Those ideas, by the way, are fantastic. I recommend her to anyone looking for a reliable writer, strategist or editor.”


– Sue Campbell

Features Editor, Minneapolis Star Tribune

“In the first draft of her book, Sally totally nailed the tone and approach necessary to reach and connect with a teen audience right away. Her instincts were pitch perfect, and she created a fun, informative resource that was a pleasure to edit. Her revisions were spot-on, too, and so skillful that I was able to bypass a second editorial pass! She is a smart, gifted, versatile writer with a great work ethic, and working with her is easy and painless.”
– Domenica DiPiazza
 Editorial Director, Lerner Books


“Sally is a creative marvel! She’s always able to capture in words what the client can’t seem to articulate, and delivers ahead of deadline nearly every time. Working with her is an absolute pleasure.”
– Stacy Schuch
Award-winning Marketing Consultant

“I’m consistently amazed by Sally’s intelligent, compassionate writing. She’s helped me feel more confident in my style choices and body and created thought-provoking dialogue with her thousands of readers.”


– Sarah Von Bargen

Writer, blogger, and teacher

“Sally is hands down one of the most talented writers I have ever come across. She speaks genuinely and brings a healthy dose of creativity to each project. Not only did she exceed our expectations but we were also blown away by her professionalism! Sally is truly a gem.”


– Christina Holm-Sandok

Founder of Style Architects

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