Working with authors, business owners, thought-leaders, and editors to create fun, engaging content is one of the most rewarding and energizing things I do. Although I specialize in ghostwriting non-fiction books and book coaching, I’ve written everything from four-sentence artist statements to 200-page business books, and am nimble enough to edit text on virtually any topic.

Projects I love include (but are not limited to): 

Blog posts
Book coaching
Book proposals
Case studies
Descriptive copy
Online courses
Website content
Website copy

Explore this page for more information about my services:


I have ghostwritten bestselling books and single blog posts, short-and-sweet bios and complex workbooks. I love flexing the part of my brain that allows me to write in someone else’s voice, and welcome the challenge of crafting messages for a variety of projects. If you’re strapped for time, overwhelmed by a project’s scope, or in need of regular support from a quick, flexible, intuitive writer, I’m your gal. To hear from clients who’ve worked with me as a ghostwriter, read a few testimonials right here.


SO many people have the genius and talent needed to craft a world-altering book … but lack the insider knowledge or project management skills to keep that book moving forward. And that’s where I come in! Equal parts editor and motivator, I work with passionate writers and thought leaders to maintain momentum, hone their text, and bring their books to fruition. Book coaching is a joyful and deeply rewarding process for me and the authors I support. And I’m happy to jump in whether you’ve got half an outline or a complete-but-messy manuscript!




I offer editing services for books, proposals, articles, letters, speeches, web content, blog posts, just about anything you might want fine-tuned. I’ve done developmental editing for Penguin Random House and helped individual writers tighten up their LinkedIN bios. I have a keen eye for sentence structure, excellent instincts about rhythm and voice, and a knack for teasing the meaning out of slightly rambly text. I’d be delighted to help you polish and refine any writing project that could benefit from an expert editorial eye. To hear from clients who’ve worked with me as an editor, read a few testimonials right here.




Crafting an effective proposal is an essential first step toward getting your book published. Having worked in the industry for both commercial and library-focused publishing companies, I know the process back to front. I’ve also published several of my own books, written book proposals for budding authors, and taught a class on book proposals for CreativeLive that’s reached nearly 7,000 students. I know which information to include and emphasize, which details to downplay, and just the right tone to strike to catch the attention of agents and acquiring editors. I’d love to help you craft a compelling proposal that will help get your book seen and sold!



I spent more than a decade working in marketing and communications, so I know how to craft persuasive, engaging copy. Whether you need your services described, your book summarized, or your product promoted, I can create copy that will captivate, intrigue, and encourage action.


Umault is a delightfully geeky video marketing agency that helps B2B businesses create captivating content, engage the right people, and drive more sales. We concept, script, and oversee video campaigns that make complex ideas simple and sexy. We believe our job is to transform ordinary businesses into extraordinary brands.

And we do it all without the skinny jeans and contemptuous attitudes.

How? Well, for one thing we’re a bunch of down-to-earth people who just plain love what we do. And for another, our secret mission is to create unforgettable B2B video marketing campaigns that help underdog businesses feel deeply, DEEPLY cool about what they do.

Our combination of genuine empathy and unfettered imagination allows us to burrow into your customers’ heads and emerge with gems of insight about the things that either aggravate or delight them. With that crucial knowledge, we generate offbeat visual storylines calibrated to make your business prospects feel seen and understood.

They love you, you love us … it’s a giant love-fest with a heaping side order of success.


Editing projects are generally billed at an hourly rate. Other projects can be negotiated for a single-project fee, or on an ongoing/retainer basis. Drop me a note to find out more.


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