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Your body is part of your style. Knowing about it, respecting it, and dressing it with care are all part of being a fashionable woman. Never let anyone convince you that learning to dress your physical form is shallow, wasteful, or unimportant.

Your style is part of your body. Since you don’t walk around naked, what you wear influences how your body is perceived. Never let anyone convince you that your unclothed body is the body the world sees.

You may feel that you can control your body’s shape, color, and texture but absolutely flounder when it comes to your personal style. As you explore the world of adornments – seeking forms and styles and pairings that you can adopt as your own – try not to let pretty things mislead you. Clothing, shoes, and accessories can be breathtakingly beautiful, but they must make YOU beautiful if they are to become part of your personal style lexicon.

You may feel that you can easily define your personal style, but have very little idea how that style relates to your body. If you shop for texture, color, and embellishment alone, paying little heed to how garments interact with your figure, you are missing out on an important level of style definition. Until your evaluation of clothing, shoes, and accessories takes into account their aesthetic appeal AND their effect on your body’s aesthetic appeal, your style is not yet mature.

Body and style are inseparable, and each more powerful when the other is afforded equal reverence and care.

Both images via unduex. LOVE her.

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