Pitfalls of secondhand shopping

I want you all to thrift shop. Do you hear me? I WANT THAT. Because thrift shopping teaches stylish people that value is relative, that clothing needn’t be expensive to be good, that trends can be procured for pennies, that style doesn’t have to come from a mall, that recycling doesn’t just mean putting your soda cans out for pickup every week, that the number on the size tag is totally arbitrary …

Thrifting is good. And I love it.

BUT. It will occasionally bite a gal in the ass. Especially if that gal becomes a serial thrifter. There are some dangers inherent to having access to a stream of ridiculously cheap clothing, and they include:

Amassing: I mean, hey. Thrifting is a great way to get new-to-you stuff in a relatively environmentally friendly way. So why NOT just buy gobs and gobs of new stuff every week? It’s so cheap. There’s no guilt. MORE THRIFTING PLEASE.

Unwearable “bargains”: That neon orange washed silk blouse is only $0.25? Holy samoleons, what a bargain! Obviously you should buy it, take it home, and squirrel it away. Even if you wouldn’t be caught dead in neon orange, can’t afford the associated dry cleaning bill, and have a wardrobe comprised entirely of khaki, gray, and denim.

Designer traps: OK, so that pristine Christian Dior suit is too big on you. And it’s a style from the 80s that means giant, unwieldy shoulder pads. And you have absolutely no use for a suit. But. But. Dior! $16! How could you pass that up?

There are definitely pitfalls to the thrifting life. Do your best to avoid them!

Image via weheartit.

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